About Us


We believe in giving back with gratitude to the school that nurtured us to become competent and dedicated nurses that we are today.  We, as members of the St. Luke's Alumni Nursing Foundation USA, Inc., pledge to assist our alma mater, TRINITY UNIVERSITY OF ASIA - ST. LUKE'S COLLEGE OF NURSING, Philippines, in enhancing its capability for quality nursing education and positive learning environment so as to produce world-class professional nurses in this age of globalization.


  • To assist and support TRINITY UNIVERSITY OF ASIA - ST. LUKE'S COLLEGE OF NURSING, Philippines in providing and maintaining its high standard of Nursing Education. 
  • To provide and promote programs for the professional, cultural and educational advancement of the members of SLANFUSA, Inc. 
  • To unite and promote fellowship among graduates of ST. LUKE'S HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING and TRINITY UNIVERSITY OF ASIA - ST. LUKE'S COLLEGE OF NURSING residing in the USA, and other countries, and share the unique heritage the alumni have received from their alma mater. 
  • To serve as a link among members of SLANFUSA, Inc. and TRINITY UNIVERSITY OF ASIA - ST. LUKE'S COLLEGE OF NURSING, Philippines and/or St. Luke's Alumni Association, Philippines.
  • To participate in activities and projects in the interest of the Filipino-American Communities.
  • To secure funds for charity and engage in such charitable acts as its members shall determine to be in keeping with the spirit and traditions of the Filipino people. The Office of the Attorney General of the State of Illinois shall inaccordance with the rules and relations prescribe all disbursements concerning charitable projects.
  • To accept all gifts, bequests, endowments or grants necessary to further the aims of SLANFUSA, Inc. and to administer or dispose of the same for the objectives of SLANFUSA, Inc.
  • To apply, expend, disburse, grant or contribute its income for the purpose of carrying out the objectives of SLANFUSA, Inc. or contribute the same to duly organized non-profit corporation, funds or foundation whose purposes are similar to those for which SLANFUSA, Inc. is organized.
  • SLANFUSA, Inc. shall not exercise any poser or authority expressed or implied to directly or indirectly engage in any activity that would prevent it from qualifying (and continue to qualify) as amendment or supplements thereto; or the provisions of any further revenue law of the United States, contributions to which are deductible for income tax purposes.