Class Notes
EVELYN QUIJANO JIRASAKHIRAN: October 5, 2007 - recipient of the St. Luke's Centennial award for "Most Outstanding in Nursing Practice" and recently the "2007 Nurse Leader of the Year" award from the Georgia Organization of Nurse Leaders. The class of 1973 is proud of their own "Mighty 50".

MINA LAGUIO MAQUINDANG: August 18, 2007 - only daughter Jasmine celebrated her 18th birthday at the Rainbow Gardens in Las Vegas, Nevada.

June 23, 2007 - daughter Farrah Jane got married to Jose E. Pacheco at the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Newark, New Jersey. Reception was held at Valley Regency - Clifton, New Jersey.

CRISTINE BALTAZAR: January 6, 2007 - youngest daughter Tiffany Ann, a UC Berkeley freshman, celebrated her 18th birthday at Hs. Lordship Restaurant in Berkeley, California.

JEAN CACHO ALMIRON: December 23, 2006 - first grandson Leonardo Boado Cacho Ziegler (son of Jennifer and Rick) was christened in New York with Rorie R. Rebortira and Harold Perrineau, Jr. as Godparents.

CHRISTINE RILLERA-FERRER: Summer 2006 - became a restaurateur with husband Ike and opened a VIA MARE RESTAURANT franchise at the SM-Mall of Asia in Pasay City, Philippines.

FE SABAOT CASHER: July 1, 2007 - one of her twin sons (Eric) passed the California Bar Examination and a picnic in his honor was held at Ryan Park in Foster City, California.

BIENVENIDA ALONZO: June 23, 2007 - celebrated her 90th birthday in a reception hosted by her nieces and nephews at the Quiet Cannon Restaurant in Montebello, California.

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